Tuesday, January 11, 2011

TWD: Fluff-Filled Chocolate Madeleines

I know, I know that's not a madeleine, but I swear that I followed the recipe to a tee.  I didn't have a madeleine mold so I used a cupcake pan instead, and the result was a Ding Dong-shaped madeleine.

First of all, I love Fluff.  Straight out of the giant retro-looking canister.  Back in college, I used to make peanut butter, banana and Fluff sandwiches after a night out.  I even had a cat named Fluffy.  Okay, fine, the cat wasn't named after Fluff... he just had a lot of fur.

Besides not having the right pan, I definitely had some assembly issues.  I have at least four different piping/cake decorating thingamabobs, but somehow I couldn't find the right bag for the right tip for the right fastener.  Oh well, I just used the tip shown below and stuck it down into the cake.  The teeth acted like a claw and pulled out the center!

Then I plopped in a bit of fluff and quickly dipped it in the ganache.  Needless to say, I thought I would love these madelines, but I just didn't.  I think I overbaked the cakes, so they were a bit dry, and the Fluff got a little lost by the ganache.

See?  Looks so good, right?  Oh well... maybe next time!  Check out Margo's blog, Effort to Deliciousness, to get the recipe and to see how she did it!


  1. Ding Dongs! Thank you, Jessica. For the life of me I couldn't think of the name of what this recipe reminded me of.
    I love your version! Sorry it didn't taste as good as it looks. Maybe the same technique would work on Dorie's chocolate cupcakes? :-)

  2. I love them...homemade dingdongs!! Perfect!!

  3. Love these! Sorry they weren't what you expected - they look just like a Hostess cupcake! :)

  4. Those look adorable! Great idea with the muffin pan.

  5. Hi there
    I just found your blog.
    I love traditional madeleines but it's interesting to see your version too! I never knew that fluff was actually commerically bought. You Americans have so many food products I have no idea about hehe.

  6. thank you for this recipe. These cakes seems to me very good

  7. Yay, a fellow fluff-lover! Your cupcakes look terrific. It was really difficult to fill the madeleines, you look like you were able to get a substantial amount off fluff in the cupcakes, despite the trouble. Thanks for baking a along with me this week!


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